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  • Gbemileke Adeoti


    5 years experience 0 Jobs done ₦50,000/post

    As a digital marketing strategist, I am your go-to guy for all things online marketing. However, my key strengths are Content Strategy, Facebook/Instagram Ads and Email Marketing.

    I can guarantee leads and sales on your Facebook Ads if you let me run them for you. 

  • James Ademuyiwa


    3 years experience 0 Jobs done ₦50,000/post

    Image and Brand Reputation Management is my CORE.

  • Ikenna Onuchuku


    1 year experience 0 Jobs done

    As a young adult in today’s world, use of social media is synonymous with breathing air or drinking water. Social media plays an active role in my life, with my interest in it dating back to my secondary school days where I took ‘Media Studies’ as a GCSE option. Today, I am a final year student in Babcock University studying ‘Mass Communication’ with the hopes of strengthing my skills within the profession.

    I am well informed and up to date…

  • shaze


    1 year experience 0 Jobs done ₦10,000/post

    I understand how to communicate with the youths in the social media space , engage them in a professional way as to let them feel safe and also understand how your works. Build traffic for your brand and also hype  

  • Oizamsi


    2 years experience 0 Jobs done ₦15,000/post

    My name is Queen Oizamsi, a strategic communicator passionate about helping small business owners grow and position themselves properly in their industry. I realised that only brands or individuals that are heard are tagged successful and until you are in the face of people, you have not really started doing business. I have special interest in social media management, brand building, public relations and reputation management.

    I have about two and half years of social media management and content…

  • Ejike


    3 years experience 0 Jobs done ₦100,000/post

    I have great experience in content management and brand promotion over 3 years and counting. 

    I have been able to single handedly promote brands such as

    I currently manage nothillmedia and you could see the progress for yourself. I am an advocate of organic growth and arithmetic progression of brands via social media as it is evident and proportionate to inflow of income as it concerns your brand in this case. 

    Have a product or brand…

  • Benjamin


    4 years experience 4 Jobs done ₦100,000/post

    Having worked with over 17 brands this year alone, i am very much confident i can bring your social media goals to live, bring you sales while you focus on other things.–Hi, I am Benjamin by name and this is a brief intro about who i am, what i can do for your brand and why you should hire me, _Back in 2015 i encountered this new app everybody was talking about, everywhere i went Instagram seemed to With over 8…

  • Glorian


    0 years experience 0 Jobs done ₦5,000/post

    I am a vast and inquisitive reader. A learned Writer that has written contents, managed social and online business websites for almost a decade.

    Apart from Content Creating, Facebook and Social Media Marketing,  my other specialty is in providing the likely Challenges one could encounter on a product or service and the likely resolution.


    I am looking forward to working with you.

  • Ayula


    8 years experience 0 Jobs done ₦250/post

    A goal-driven, self motivated individual who adapts freely to a forward looking business environment and also a team player that brings about flexible work relationship to achieve organizational goals.

    I have a strong knowledge in brand advertising and marketing communication plans as well as strategies. My creative mind turns ideas to projects and then success stories.

  • Vincent Desmond


    2 years experience 4 Jobs done ₦60,000/post

    A fashion and lifestyle blogger with great following and readership. Social media manager and content developer for fashion and lifestyle brands.

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