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Posted on May 18, 2018


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I own a fitness and lifestyle business. I am looking for a marketer to help me with these tasks: *(I will create my own social media content with photos and captions.) I need someone to help post them at the right time. I will use a system called PLANN to set it up on the right days and then you would post it at the right time. Then I need someone to help me with creating the right hashtags to promote my social media. I will comment back on my own posts but would love someone to help me grow my social media. I am only working on Instagram right now. After I write my captions, they can go in and add their expertise of engaging and capturing statements to promote. *I am about to launch my own fitness program, and I have already done the tools for email marketing and automation. I developed a free product that I can use to attract customers into purchasing the main workout program. I need someone to help with strategy to promote my program out there. This can be through ads on facebook or through instagram, but this is an area I really need help with. I have a very strong vision on my brand and my business plan for the rest of the year. Any ideas on other ways to promote and market whether it be in person or online would be helpful. I am also planning an event with my clients and asking if they want to bring friends to promote my program, offer a free workout class, offer snacks and drinks afterwards, and help get the word out this way. Please send me your cover letter and some information on how you have sold a product/helped grow a business through marketing techniques, and the numbers to back it up. From here, I will look over the information and would love to schedule an interview call. I will place a price on here that I’m looking to budget for this. I will put hourly, but I also have room for negotiation in regards to the work you do each hour and how long it will take you to do each task. This is something we can discuss more in depth in the interview.

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